Date: Monday, January 19th, 2015

Delightful Hearts: Arlette L., Andy L., Amanda N., Brian S., Sweta B., Bela P., Marta N., Kathy A. (AALOC), Jacky L., Susan L., Pierre E., Igmar R., Hugo M., Deloise M.


Organic Chicken Stew with Snow Peas and Green Beans, Brown Rice
Organic Vegetarian Chili
Organic Potato Salad with Cage-Free Eggs, Vegan Grapeseed Mayo
Organic Olive Oil Vinaigrette Salad with Romaine Hearts, Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Celery
Organic Vegetarian Curry with Carrots, Russet Potatoes, Sweet Potatoes


Today we shared another delightful feast with our homeless population at Civic Center Santa Ana.

We also have added a new component of material necessities as donation items including used apparel, shoes, and pet supplies.

Our partnerships are growing: AALOC now joins us as a provider to help homeless pets at our events by providing much needed pet food and utilities.

Our commitment to environmental preservation continues as recycling and composting practices are streamlined to maximize effectiveness.

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