Buena Park officials concerned by growing homeless population

This article was posted on the Orange County Register last month and it is barely circling around my social media. This article explains the homeless population in the city I have lived my whole life. Buena Park has grown over the past couple of years and the homeless population has as well. As I have written in previous blogs homelessness was not a big thing while I was growing up in this town. Now it is growing just as in other cities. The city councils are discussing way as to why this homeless population is on the rise. Some say that due to local churches giving away free meals it is attracting homeless individuals. This city council people should look at other ways as to why more homeless individuals are around Buena Park. And not point fingers at organizations that are helping them with food and shelter. When discussing this topic the mayor of Buena Park said, “I look at it as a collaborative effort of everybody in this city,” Mayor Art Brown said. “Instead of giving a hand out to somebody, give a hand up.” This can be a way of looking towards homelessness as we have discussed in class. Great way to summarize ways to help the homeless population.

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