For this course I decided to write my final paper on LGBTQ youth and homelessness. While doing my research I learned a lot about why many youth leave their homes and seek the streets. Among this population researchers have found a pattern in why LGBTQ become homeless. Out of a hundred and fifty-six LGBTQ youth forty-eight percent homelessness was associated with subsequent symptoms of depression, substance abuse, and conduct problem (Rosario et alt., 2011). Nearly half of a group studied have been in similar issue on why they became homeless. What causes these individuals to leave their homes are problems that can be easily fix by simply accepting their sexual identity and supporting them. Findings suggest that interventions to reduce stress and enhancing social support is needed among the LGBTQ youth (Rosario et alt., 2011). We are now able to see that LGBTQ are more likely to experience public homelessness. Schools must implement homelessness surveillance systems to assist in identifying early episodes of homelessness. By doing so they’re will be a reduction of poor physical and mental health associated with chronical homelessness (Rice et alt., 2015).

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