I decided to do my own small research regarding Skid Row in order to get more informed as I often hear about it. I came across an article and was stunned to hear that approximately 2,000 men and women live in the streets of Downtown Los Angeles. After watching the small video clip attached with this article I was in total shock to see how filthy the streets were. After seeing this video and reading the article, I realized that the Civic Center does not compare to the streets of Downtown Los Angeles. The unsanitary conditions in this area definitely seems to be much worse, especially as the homeless population consist of a 54 block area.
The article mentioned something I found interesting. It stated that the area surrounding Skid Row offers many social services and for that reason, people are not leaving. This article stated that “there’s a $54-million-a-year charitable infrastructure anchored to the poverty district”. With so much provided to this population the question is, are they truly enabling and contributing to the cause of being out on the streets rather than trying to get rid of the problem? What can be done to try and reduce the number of people out in Skid Row?