In our class we have mainly focused our attention to the homeless that we have around our community and helping them out. We have been able to help through donations, providing food, emergency shelters, and many other little things. It may not seem like a whole lot when giving it to them but when multiple people give to them it definitely is a great blessing. My classmates and I got together and were able to provide the simple things for those residing at the Civic Center in Santa Ana, California. Little simple things such as doggy treats for their pets and showers for them and their owners were also offered. Ian-founder of the Heart of Delight gave us the chance to give to those in need and let me tell you, the look on their faces made our day.

Because I touched the subject of giving not only can one give materialistic objects to the homeless. Big companies around our communities should also take into consideration what issues they have around them and try and help out. A news update caught my attention regarding the Walt Disney Resort in Orlando, Florida. They saw that homelessness was an issue in their community and decided to donate $500,000 to help homeless families in Central Florida. The money will be going to the Homeless Impact Fund which began a year ago with a $6 million pledge and since then has more than $7.3 million to ┬ámove homeless people into housing and help maintain them housed. No matter where one is or who one works for it is always nice to know that there are others like you that see the issue of homelessness as something that needs to be looked into and cared about. I can only imagine the look on all these other people’s faces when the community is helping provide a roof over them.