According to, community can be defined as: self-organized network of people with common agenda, cause or interest, who collaborate by sharing ideas, information, and other resources. I experienced community on more than one account while spending time at the Civic Center. At the second Rising Collective event held in October, I witnessed high amount of community among the church groups who donated their time and contributed large quantities of healthy food choices to the event and the homeless population. The church group did not only collect food and drop it off, but they spent time in distributing the food to the homeless. Along with the food donation, the church group had also prepared a few songs to play along with a message to read from the Bible. The donations were a selfless act given out of kindness and genuine compassion for other people; to help a community in need.Through the distribution of food and the sharing of songs and readings, the church had a common interest to share God’s love with those they were helping. The church is a place of spiritual community, where its members confide in one another for prayer, support, to engage in fellowship and to be at service with one another for a greater purpose. Whether spiritual, cultural, social, or emotional, community is all around us.

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