I already love the plans and ideas Ian has for his events but there’s always ways to improve. I  feel like there needs to be better leadership while the even is occurring. Besides us girls from the class, most of the people who volunteer are young teenagers who are still in high school. They don’t really know how to take the role on of being a leader or director so maybe having older more experienced volunteers could help! At the last event, there were so many volunteers standing around not sure on what to do so having leaders would help with that. I loved that there were SO many clothes donations at the last event as well. There was a huge variety of clothes to select from which was nice to see for once. Having a variety of warm winter clothes at each event would also be a huge plus. I also suggest more toiletries and big trash bags for people to keep their belongings in. At the first event, Ian gave out checks for a couple of different things and I believe continuously giving out those checks would be a huge help for some of the Santa Ana homeless people. I also think giving books and school supplies for the children that show up would be a great add for the event! Even if these children come from families who live in “homes”, there’s a reason these families come to these events to get as much as they can. I think they don’t have the money needed to buy all these things and I have no problem with helping these people as well! We don’t know these peoples situations so if we can help improve their lives I’m all for it! I hope Ian’s events can continue to be successful even if some of the girls from class stop coming. (I will try to be there as much as possible!)

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