4-Phase Evolution

A Global Model For Collective Thriving


Phase I
Basic Necessities

Focuses on helping the homeless and distressed populations in the places where people currently reside: providing sustenance and other practical life necessities to enable survival. We will host events in the heart of these communities to accomplish a three-fold objective:

(1) cater healthy homemade cuisine and deliver it to the people on the streets with an aesthetic flair
(2) provide immediately useful value-added tools and practical social services to support engaged individuals working towards rising
(3) gather information on individual needs and statistical data to facilitate delivery of advanced services in helping individuals on the rising trajectory


Phase II
Elemental Resistance

Builds on the existing work by providing a specific location and venue for our events. Through collaboration with other organizations, we can have semi-permanent indoor venues to host and serve the homeless as well as provide live entertainment. This involves serving healthy homemade meals coupled with a variety of entertainment arts including theatre plays, dance, live music, community art projects, and open mic. Performers include amateur and professionals that we engage through universities, within the local community, as well as among the people that we serve.

Furthermore, we will acquire and develop an appropriate venue to convert into an interim shelter that can provide the aforementioned accommodations including temporary lodging and hygienic facilities for those in transition. This helps us to begin planting roots and instill presence within the community.


Phase III
Empowerment Centers

Evolves the concept of a transitional shelter into a permanent center that provides all essential services for human progression and development.

These centers provide modern accommodations for habitation at its core and is enhanced with practical services such as day-care, wide-spectrum educational curriculum, technology access/training, and holistic health care.

Moreover, the center will be equipped with a multi-use hall for community events and visual/performing arts.


Phase IV
Ecological Co-Operatives

Innovates the existing concept of a multi-faceted habitat by introducing a global developmental model for sustainable thriving. Through holistic philosophy, an enlightened vision for thriving, and futuristic design, the Ecological Co-operative (ECO) (pronounced “ek-ko”) is born.

ECOs will be a modular marvel of architectural design constituted by renewal resources, and self-sustained by the people thriving within these co-habitats. ECOs are a nexus of learning and are actively engaged in the frontiers of knowledge to advance civilization toward a peaceful, sustainable, and enlightened existence. ECOs provide WithInNature Habitats, Visual/Performing/Practical Arts/Technology Centers, and Organic Farms/Gardens.

ECOs are multi-sense renewable:
*the model is replicable by design and can accommodate for regional nuances
*the physical architecture is constituted by renewal materials built on the principles of WithInNature, which minimizes depletion of the Earth’s valuable resources
*the people drive this self-sustaining habitat thereby creating a self-renewing eco-system which gives back to the people directly as a result of the efforts committed
*as a learning center, knowledge is recycled and renewed thus promoting perpetual innovation


Our progress from one phase to the next parallels the growth and expansion of our organization.

We recognize that the future of humanity and the ability to provide for every individual at least the basic life necessities depends on an evolved model of sustainable living that is a departure from conventional development strategies and energy consumption practices.

Our approach is holistic and pro-active: the strategy we employ targets the root cause of global issues and while we develop/implement long-term solutions, we simultaneously support those with immediate need. We call this methodology “The Future-Now Initiative”.