Project reFRESH

Our homeless population, like anyone else, needs access to a means of refreshing the physical body and, in the process, revitalizing the mind. We have found a combination of products that can provide clean, private, comfortable, and practical solutions to fulfill this need in the interim. By design, the solution avoids the challenges of a permanent installation. Furthermore, it offers maximum versatility and portability while minimizing costs which makes swift implementation possible.

I. Mobile Showers


(a) Zodi i.hut is a tent-like product that provides a private vertical stall that is easy to erect and stow away. The space inside is 4 feet on each side and approximately 6 feet across. A top dome-shaped cover is semi-translucent and reflective to allow for sunlight to penetrate while also keeping the interior cool, and provides for 360 degrees of privacy.



(b) Zodi X-40 Hot Tap is a portable water heater that uses propane as a fuel source and can provide 50 hours of continuous use for each tank refill. The unit allows for easy hook-up to an existing garden hose or an included pump for unpressurized water sources.

The combination of these two products can provide a portable shower system anywhere there is access to water hookup. Setup and clean-up is quick and convenient. One tank refill can accommodate 300 showers with each lasting 10 minutes.

II. Ultra-Portable Personal Shower System

(a) Advanced Elements Summer Shower is a super-compact personal showering system that can hold up to 5 gallons of water providing for 20+ minutes of a shower experience. The liquid inside the container can be naturally heated by sunlight through the innovation of the material used in its construction which allows it to absorb heat from sun exposure to raise the temperature of the water inside.

In addition to designated Mobile Shower sites, these handy on-the-go personal showers can provide a refreshing showering experience virtually anywhere and can be reused simply by refilling it at any source of clean water.