Service Providers Network

Santa Ana, California, USA

Do you provide services to the Civic Center Santa Ana homeless community? If so, let’s work together and coordinate our efforts.

Currently service providers are working independently to deliver a variety of services to this community without insight into each other’s schedule of delivery.

This lack of coordination creates periods of excess and scarcity while overall efficiency of the operation is reduced and resources become squandered.

We are taking initiative to unite groups and organizations through a simple digital calendar of services.

The plan is executed in (3) steps:

(1) Disseminate information to all involved organizations in the form of physical flyers and social media

(2) Enable access for participating organizations to a unified Google Calendar to post and view services on the schedule at anytime

(3) Coordinate services to maximize efficiency of distribution, discover collaborative resource sharing, and increase the quality of services delivered to populations in need

To collaborate in this effort by either sharing your schedule of service delivery or to obtain access to the calendar to add your schedule, please submit your interest via this form: