Spots For Upcoming Events

Liability Waiver

Volunteer Hours

Step 1: Sign-up for the Volunteer Newsletter.

Step 2: Complete the Liability Waiver.

Step 3: Review the A RiSING Community experience.

Step 4: Take the brief survey on poverty & homelessness.

Step 5: Review and sign-up for available Spots.

Step 6: Prepare by noting event location(s) and time frames.

Step 7: Reach out, ask questions, and discover how you can help us innovate the work.

Activities you can engage in at A RiSING Community events:

_Live Entertainment_
sing, karaoke, dance, play a musical instrument, tell a joke, perform a magic trick, recite a poem, act a scene in a play…

_Practical Services_
mobile showers, pet wash, assist with filling out forms and documents, administer surveys on digital devices, area clean-up, manicure, haircuts

_Community Arts_
painting, face painting, photography

_Games and Sports_
board games, cards, chess, chinese chess, checkers, frisbee, jenga

What other activities and services would you like to see and do at A RiSING Community? Let us know

Volunteer code of P.E.A.C.E. —

Performance . Equanimity . Awareness . Consideration . Enjoyment

A commitment to volunteering is a gift to others in the form of time and an expression of compassion. The reciprocal reward is the opportunity to serve others without expectation of compensation in any form and the merit of which speaks for itself.

As a volunteer, we are choosing to engage in service work and, as such, we voluntarily choose to subject ourselves to potential challenges that may thrust us out of our comfort zone, cause a shift in our existing perspective, and as a result may promote an expansion of our awareness. Otherwise, we may choose to allocate our time to other endeavors.

Volunteerism is community. We work together as one to achieve a common purpose. We provide mutual support in accomplishing our goals. Our micro-interactions (in speech, behavior, and thoughts) are consistent with our macro-objectives and both are aligned with the vision to engender a thriving existence for all, with all that it entails. We act with purpose, re-act with intent, and constantly reflect on our actions to ensure its consistency.

To volunteer is to surrender oneself, the ego, and to work for the benefit of others.

Civic Center SA, Typical Event Location:
600 N. Ross St.
Santa Ana, CA

We setup in the parking lot behind building #16. Look for blue EZ-ups, tables and chairs.

Free Parking is available behind building #16. Street parking may require payment.

Ian Daelucian _ 949 . 667 . 5995 _ thriving@theheartofdelight.org

Alice Ly _ 714 . 519 . 6315 _ thriving@theheartofdelight.org