Memorial Park
Flower & Anahurst
Santa Ana, CA
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Sunday, September 14, 2014
11 am – 7 pm

In the wake of an X1 class solar flare that impacted the Earth on 9/12/14, we came together to help a community rise while the mercury rises from record heat. We were all determined and delighted at the opportunity to help others through whatever means we can muster and using the abilities we have to instill joy into the heart of the community.

Thank you to all of the delightful hearts who helped us uplift the spirit of the community on this momentous day. Our actions aligned with the cosmos, and we were undeterred through all of the challenges we faced together.

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Alchemy Theatre Company
A light-hearted and fun-filled performance from a company of theatre artists with diverse talents. Thank you for all the joy you brought to the event and Jesse Runde for creating the bridge for Alchemy Theatre Company to be here.

Conn Raney
Soulful & uplifting fusion of modern musical composition that defies the genres. A humble artist with a giving heart…thank you.

Alec Smith
DJ, Singer, and Instrumentalist. Thank you for your commitment and dedication. Dave Cheitel & Greg Mayfield & Brian Svoboda , thank you all for your technical expertise and sharing of your talents to bring the stage to life with sound. The light of your hearts shine in the work you do.

El Centro Cultural de Mexico
A tradition rich with culture and an eclectic musical tapestry. I’m so glad you all were able to share this heritage and your musical talents at this event. Thank you.

Kalim Quevedo
An extraordinary artist who orchestrated the Dream Mural for the event and also shared his musicianship on stage. Thank you for helping us realize the beauty of our dreams on canvas.

Alex Lebroski & Jaclyn Alcazar
An enchanting young duo, a mesmerizing voice and swift pianist, together delivered a deliciously sweet musical treat. Thank you both for sharing your talents with the community.

Nasty MPs
An exploration into the harder side of rock. Nostalgic and entrancing. Thank you for treading through high-waters to be here to share with us your music.

Re-Theatre Company & Travis Mark Snyder-Eaton & Christian CallowayCaitlin Carleton & Dylan Peruti
A remarkable dramatic performance that resonates true with the hearts of the people we aim to serve. Emotionally-gripping writing, cool musical interludes, and acting that reaches out to shake you at the core. Your gift to this event and the people who witnessed the performance was heartfelt. Thank you.

a delightfully dynamic duo, with organic melodies and peaceful vocals. You might think they were not inhabitants of the Earth from the inter-stellar presentation, but they are very much local artists at the heart of Santa Ana. Thank you for bringing smiles to our faces.

A huge thanks to Urban Plates Irvine for a generous donation of healthy, gourmet, environmentally conscious cuisine made with seasonal organic ingredients sourced from local farms when possible. Furthermore, it’s 100% delicious. The local homeless and impoverished members of our community who attended the event are thankful for this gift. Some of the employees also volunteered at our event: thanks Quannie Tsang and Camilo Arango for your help!

Thank you Animal Assistance League of Orange County for volunteering at the event and for donating an abundance of pet food and other pet accessories. It was a joy to have you all with us!

We hope to see everyone again at our next event…

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