Date: Friday, November 28th, 2014

Delightful Hearts: Alec S., Jr. O., Brigette D., Jasmine D., Andrew B., Amanda N., Humberto X., Hugo M.


Organic Baked Chicken
Organic Vegetarian Chili (Celery, Onions, Black/Garbanzo/Kidney Beans, Carrots)
Organic Rice / Veggies  Soup
Potato Salad
Macaroni Salad


This is the first event of a series where we combined our existing “A Delightful Feast” model of providing healthy home-made meals with practical “RiSING” services on-site.

At our last major event, A RiSING Community, we began to pilot a system of sign-up and registration for participants. The purpose of this system is multi-fold: (1) to collect valuable socio/demographic information to help us discover patterns to help alleviate homelessness at its roots, (2) to identify specific needs of individuals and open a dialogue to better understand homeless people as individuals with unique needs, (3) provide a means of staying in touch with the people we serve and support individual progress, (4) to deter people not on the path of RiSING from consuming valuable resources and prioritize giving what we have to those most in need.

Special thanks to 4Imprint‘s One by One Charitable Giving Program for donations of stainless steel bottles and The Green Bag Company for donations of green bags which were given to our homeless citizens during the meal sharing event. Also, thanks to Mother’s Market & Kitchen for providing a discount on the food ingredient purchases.

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