Date: Sunday, December 28th, 2014

Delightful Hearts: Amanda N., Humberto X., Marta N., Eddie V.


Organic Chicken Stew with Snow Peas and Green Beans
Organic Vegetarian Chili
Organic Basmati Brown Rice
Potato Salad with Cage-Free Eggs, Vegan Grapeseed Mayo
Organic Olive Oil Vinaigrette Salad with Romaine Hearts, Tomatoes, Cucumbers…


Today we shared another delightful feast with our homeless population at Civic Center Santa Ana.

There were 4 of us volunteers that cooked and another joined in for the serving. We worked non-stop from cooking to serving that we didn’t have time to take a single photograph of the event after we began driving to Civic Center.

Among the first in line were little kids, 7 or 8 years of age, holding out the plates and folks that we gave so we could serve them…heart-breaking. By the time we were done serving over a hundred people … it was dark and biting cold. We had homes to return to…they had to stay there on the cold pavement…the little kids too. We drove a couple to a local Target to buy them a blanket and to help deliver their belongings to a¬†storage space, otherwise they risk having their possessions confiscated by the city come Monday, if left unattended.

This is the cold harsh reality that many people face, and it is even more grim when you hear about elderly homeless men/women literally freezing to death on the streets.

This is simply not a world I want to live in. And I vow to change it.

We have a plan.

Help Us. Help Others. Thrive.

For now, we’ll do what we can and serve healthy homemade meals until we can afford a facility to serve people in need and come closer to the vision we have for the world: a thriving existence for all.

Thanks to Animal Assistance League of Orange County for donating pet food and supplies. We were able to give away most of what was donated…which will help animals survive and stay warm during these harsh winter months on the streets.

Also, thanks to Mother’s Market and Kitchen for a discount on some of the food ingredients we used in the cuisine that was served.

And, finally, this was the first event we started to learn to implement composting to reduce waste.

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