Date: Monday, April 27th, 2015

Organic Vegetarian Chili
Organic Vegetarian Curry
Organic Potato Salad
Organic Mac Salad
Organic Romaine Salad w/ Organic Fruit
Organic Brown Rice


This was our first event that we intentionally scheduled on a non-holiday weekday with the hope of being able to serve more people compared to past dates.

What we discovered is that it is not the day of the week where this fluctuation is at its peak, but perhaps the time of day.

Regardless, we were able to meet and serve an inspiring array of people at this event.

Our friends from Animal Assistance League of Orange County was also present to support homeless animals with an abundance of pet food.

We also met a young lady, Alice Ly, with talents in photography and journalism, who not only helped us serve food but also captured some amazing photographic moments. She also wrote a compelling article on the event which she has posted to her blog.

A friend and manager of a local Starbucks, Armahd Ramirez, volunteered his time and contributed iced tea / coffee, which were welcomed refreshments for the hot day that it turned out to be.
Now that we have an established rhythm and comfort level to food service, we will maintain that quality while shifting our focus on developing refreshments.

Furthermore, in future events, we will re-think food in the paradigm of medicine (Hippocrates) and enhance recipes with herbs / spices that specifically address prevalent diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, hyper-tension, osteoporosis, and cancer. Our refreshments will also be enriched with organic vitamins, minerals, and other synergistics to overall health.

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