I am more than half way through applying sociology to the community course and I have a different perspective of homelessness. This course has given me the opportunity to work with the nonprofit organization The Heart of Delight which has also strongly contributed to how I know define homelessness. Before volunteering at the Civic Center in Santa Ana with The Heart Of Delight I would never stop and talk to a homeless person. I used to be scared of any homeless person who walked by me. The negative stereotypes of homeless such as they are mentally ill, drug addicts, or simply just “crazy” always were in the back of my mind. Until recently- these thoughts disappeared due to the interactions I have had with those individuals living at the Civic Center. Dolly and Mark both live at the Civic Center in Santa Ana and every time I go I look for them. They are the reason that my perspective towards homeless has changed. They are a great examples of individuals who one day or another lose everything and end up in the streets. Being homeless does not define a person, it only defines their current living condition. image

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