Being a CSU Fullerton student every year I receive a free OCTA bus pass allowing me to ride for free. In the past I used to ride the bus without ever noticing who is sitting next to me, until recently. Applying Sociology to the Community course has really open my eyes and has made me wonder how does public transportation affect or benefit homelessness. Therefore, I have taken the initiative to ride the “DIRTY 30” which many people avoid to take due to the amount of homeless who ride the bus. The OCTA drivers also avoid to drive the 30 because they state that the homeless are very “defiant and smelly.” Many drives say that the homeless are very rude and aggressive towards them because they know they can not do anything in return. While other drivers state that around this time of the year many homeless individuals ask them to drop them off near a hospital for they can act crazy just to have somewhere warm to sleep the night. Additionally, due to this cold weather many homeless act crazy on busses or in public areas in general just to get arrested, be label as “5150,” and have somewhere warm to spend the night. Based on my personal analysis I have notice that many homeless individuals ride the bus for hours of the day to sleep and stay warm. In conclusion, I believe the bus transportation is a benefit for the those homeless individuals who want to stay warm and avoid the cold weather.

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