The homeless population continues increasing as it is difficult to afford rent with the standard of living so high. “In 2015, Orange County’s population was 3.15 million” which is such an outrageous number. The price of renting a two bedroom apartment in Orange County is $1719. With high renting rates, how are people not supposed to end up homeless? The general population assumes that simply because you have a job and are working hard you live a decent life style but that is false. A couple can work two jobs getting paid minimum wage and they still would not be able to afford these renting rates. In Orange County people would have to be considered of the middle class simply to afford rent but will still result in them struggling. “Orange County renter must earn $29.75 an hour for their housing costs not to exceed 33% of their income which equals an annual salary of $61,884”. This annual salary is not attainable for a large number of the population unless living with extended family where bills would be shared. This living arrangement however, is not a desirable one as people will lack privacy due to sharing a tight space with multiple people. More affordable housing needs to be created in order to reduce the problem of homelessness.!homeless-statistics/c19oy

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