There is different kind of homeless all over the world. Homeless does not only have one kind of gender, age, or race. This weekend I went to Las Vegas and I couldn’t help myself to notice the homeless community out there. When I arrived at Downtown Las Vegas I expected to see young males and females lost in drugs, prostitution, and gambling. Instead I saw a lot of elderly Caucasian males who carried sighs that stated ” Vietnam Veteran” or “WWII Veteran.” It saddens me to see how we treat those individuals who have fought for our country. A lot of the veteran homeless where in wheelchairs or were disable in one way or another. I believe that we should attend to their needs when they return home from serving because it is the least we can do for someone who fought to protect our nation. These individuals deserve to be honored, protected, and be well taken care when they return home. We need to make sure they do not fall into depression or drugs which leads them to be homeless.

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