This article caught my attention with the title because of what it initially was talking about. Next year, as predicted, we are going to experience “El Nino” which continues to surpass expectations of what it will bring to California. With this being said the article describes how much damage will be done in homes and also people’s lives. With this new housing voucher it will house 1,000 homeless individuals and half of those will be homeless veterans. They hope that this housing will grow and help the other estimated 9,000 homeless individuals that live in LA County.¬†“Why should we wait until someone dies if we can shelter them ahead of time?” Garcetti asked. This was said by Mayor Garcetti, and it does say a lot about the homeless community. There were also conflicts of the individuals that live in encampments and do not want to leave. They see their tents and their friends as families and homes and do not want to leave even when the weather gets bad. The weather is unpredictable and there is not reassurance that lives will not be lost and damage will not be done, but it will be safe and better to be prepared.¬†This won’t stop the end of homelessness but it will be the start of housing people that need to have a home.

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