Adrina M. Wilson

Adrina Wilson started her professional career in the entertainment industry, obtaining a B.A. in Theatrical Lighting Design from Western Carolina University. Originally from Las Vegas, she has had experience in all technical areas in both the entertainment industry as well as the theatrical world.

Most recently, Adrina has decided to make a change in her life and career path. Though part of her heart will always remain with Lighting Design and the Theatre, her heart really stands in helping other people.

During her childhood, Adrina faced a lot of family tribulations. Her father was addicted to cocaine and pain medications. While her mother, whom she considered to be her best friend, was addicted to being in abusive relationships. Often times, Adrina and her siblings were in Child Protective Services, and moving from home to home. Then in 2008 her mother lost a long 3 year battle to a brain tumor. Not long after her mother’s death, Adrina left Las Vegas to independently pursue higher education.

Though the situation was tough, she was inspired by her mother’s encouragement to succeed, but most importantly to live a life of happiness no matter what it is you do. An advantage that Adrina gained from her childhood was being able to attend a Middle School and High School that focused specifically on the arts. Her family never had a lot of money, and lived in low socio-economic areas of Las Vegas. Without these schools and her involvement in the arts, Adrina would never have had a means to an emotional outlet. Being directly involved with the arts not only inspired her, but allowed her to not follow a negative lifestyle that was so easily accessible through her childhood.

Adrina was fortunate to gain a year of experience as a Lighting Design Graduate student at California State University of Long Beach. Through this year she has realized that theatre and the arts saved her in every way possible up to this point in her life. More importantly that the arts was not meant to be a career path for her, but one of the many means to begin helping under privileged children and families. Theatre has provided Adrina with a foundation in the study of humanities and being able to work and collaborate with a tight knit group of people.

With a big heart and an open mind, Adrina hopes to pursue a Master’s of Social Work degree in Fall 2015. In the meantime, she is looking for any and all opportunities to pay homage to the people that saved her when she was younger, and help people in any way possible.