Amanda Novoa

Amanda Novoa is a graduate student in the Stage Management Program at the University of California, Irvine. Amanda’s involvement in theatre began at the University of La Verne through her work-study position in the production shop. She quickly fell in love with the theatre and became involved in the Drama Department beyond her duties as a work-study employee. After dabbling in acting, design, and directing, Amanda set her heart on stage management.

While at the University of La Verne, she stage managed for international theatre director and former Intendant of the Croatian National Theatre, Georgij Paro. In 2012, she completed her B.A. in Theatre Arts. Since then she has had the opportunity to stage manage with companies including The Laguna Playhouse, Shakespeare by the Sea, The Rogue Artists Ensemble, and The Covina Center for the Performing Arts.

Ultimately, Amanda’s attraction to stage management stems from her desire to help others. It is her joy to see a production come together. She works toward empowering artists to present their best work. She fosters community with the many individuals that make up a production. The community aspect of theatre is important to her. She values community in theatre both for members involved in the theatrical process as well as those that are spectators.

While focusing a great deal of her energy on stage management at UCI, she has developed a strong desire to help out in the world outside of the theatre. In the future, she hopes to apply her knowledge to create new approaches in teaching. Additionally, she looks forward to utilizing theatre to promote community wherever it is absent.

Amanda has always drawn inspiration from her family and loved ones. Her mother is her hero. She would not be where she is or who she is today without her mom. Growing up as an only child, with a single mom, having English as a second language, and being a first generation student in the U.S. was challenging but she always persevered.

Now she feels that it is time for her to give back in appreciation for everything she has gained.