Brian Svoboda

Brian currently serves as a director, advisor, and regular volunteer for The Heart of Delight, where he engages with and helps those subject to unconscionable suffering, collecting information that will cumulatively inform how we instill positive self-actualization in the community we serve.

Brian Svoboda is a Sound Design graduate student in the Drama program at the University of California, Irvine, where his exposure to imaginative art and harmonious friendships has encouraged him to actualize equanimity, creativity, and love.

As a sound designer, Brian collaborates with others, building and shaping sounds and music to propel the creative vision for theatrical productions. Unlike many artists, Brian has little interest in fame. He would rather contribute to ensuring a thriving and sustainable model for the continuation of humanity that allows for perseverance in uncovering the nature of human existence. Brian believes that art is central to this existence, instilling wonder, contemplation, and truth into people’s lives. Brian hopes to cultivate these values within The Heart of Delight community through exposure to art and through implementing creative problem solving, education, and compassion that altogether create a community where hope is commonplace and supporting others becomes an edifying and prosperous lifestyle.