Dylan Thompson

Dylan Thompson is an organizer, activist, and software engineer. Originally from the city of Novato, California in the Bay Area, he moved to Southern California to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science at CSU Long Beach.

During his years at CSU Long Beach, he recognized more clearly the importance of civic engagement and democratic participation. Events such as the bail out the bankers who crashed economy and the continuation of illegitimate wars showed him that it is up to ordinary people to step up and build the world they want to live in.

He has participated in a variety of community groups in Orange County working on social justice issues including homelessness, political corruption, local police policy, city strategic planning, and immigration. He has been a participant and facilitator of several groups such as Occupy Santa Ana, Santa Ana Collaborative for Responsible Development, Orange County May Day Coalition, Envision Santa Ana 2020, Project Homelessness, Fair Rents and Business Assembly, and 99Rise.

He hopes to be able to use his skills learned from organizing in community groups and technical knowledge from working in the software engineering field to build a better future that works for the well-being of ordinary people.