Alleviate the suffering of survival to empower a thriving existence for all.

i. Radically change the world from the mode of individual surviving to collective thriving

ii. Transform the individual ideology to encompass universal altruism, compassion, and transcendence

iii. Constitute policies to alleviate poverty on a global scale, protect the common prosperity of all beings, establish cooperative communities for social resilience, and foster a living ethic that is harmonious with the environment for the sustainability of the collective

How can we fully realize collective creativity when individual beings are deprived of the most basic necessities for living?

The future of the collective hinges on a sustainable, compassionate, and evolving mode of existence. Thriving transcends species, race, class, ability, and faiths — it is an existential imperative for all.

The approach must be holistic: trace poverty to its roots, develop evolving solutions while supporting immediate needs. The future lives in the now and we must take initiative now to ensure the security of future generations.