Life is a collective experience through which we learn and evolve.

Our needs are basic: supply the body with material sustenance and the spirit with love. Food and shelter provide for survival, while love in all of its forms contribute to a condition of thriving; these are necessities of life.

The requirements for life are simple yet we find that so many still lack these essentials.

The earth lends sufficient resources to sustain all life, however, it is the lack of fluidity in distribution that creates large pockets of scarcity throughout the world.

Using force to redirect the flow of resources, while effective, continues a primitive tradition often expressed in local conflicts that can escalate into global war.

Our undertaking is reliant on the fundamental goodness that is seeded in all individuals that we will help to nurture. It is our profound hope that individuals will come to the self-recognition of developing a natural impetus to help relieve the suffering of others within their own capabilities.

We believe in the eternal inheritance of goodness in all, and while the individual actions of past and present humanity may testify to the contrary, we resist the temptation to pass judgment. We abstain from appraising another individual’s worth due to our own humble ignorance.

Our resolve is focused on the love for all beings, unconditionally. Our collective progress depends on individual development and it is our prerogative to leave no one in abandonment regardless of disposition. We will not betray our love of any fellow being by turning the oppressor into the oppressed, which continues to foster the hypocrisy of hatred that leads to humanity’s self-consumption.

Our hope is that the light of our work will shine bright enough to illuminate the darkness harboring the fear of limited resources. For wherever this light pervades, there will enlighten the vision that wealth is an unlimited resource: the more of it that is shared, the greater the depth of its abundance.

Our journeys take on different paths, each with unique calamities; with this understanding and mutual respect for all journeys of life, we give what we can to provide relief for those in need.

Our mission is to preserve this realm and this is a calling to unite the collective humanity in the work of engendering a thriving existence for all.