Project Homelessness Coalition

In July 2015, Project Homelessness has joined The Heart of Delight in a united effort to resolve the root issues of chronic homelessness in the local communities of Orange County.

The following is an extract of the mission, vision, and information about the organization. A website with a detailed chronicle of the work is available by following this link … Project Homelessness.

Mission Statement

To inform and connect people to advocate for the needs of the homeless.


The vision of project homelessness is to see a world where homeless people have a bill of rights and are empowered to make change in their lives, where the community is available to provide help to those who need it, and where governments overturn laws which criminalize or disadvantage homeless people.

Who Are We?

We are a coalition of individuals concerned with the growing problem of homelessness in Orange County.  Our members come from activists who came to know problems of the homeless community of OC’s Civic Center, to people of the church who realized the mandate of the Bible in helping our brothers and sisters in need.  Our members have identified crisis of the severe lack of sufficient shelter beds, lack of access to public bathrooms, lack of low cost storage options for the personal belongings of homeless persons and the criminalization of the daily activities of the homeless.

In the Spring of 2012, a group of friends ran a free homeless shelter in OC’s Civic Center for a week.  These volunteers created a humble place to sleep for the homeless and would stay up all night to ensure that everyone and their property was safe overnight.  Before the shelter was set up each night, the volunteers held a short reverse telethon, calling all known emergency shelter providers in Orange County to count up the number of available shelter beds.  The median number of available beds that week was zero.  The purpose of the action was to provide some service and comfort for our homeless community and also highlight the extreme lack of emergency shelter beds in the county.

Ways to Help the Homeless

Help push for more emergency shelter beds in your area.

Offer storage spaces to secure belongings while homeless seek employment.

Meet with your city council and offer creative solutions.

Embrace the homeless person and cultivate human relationships.

Love and pray for the homeless in your city.

Educate your congregation and the public through media.

Support the homeless by knowing all available resources in your city.

Serve as a mentor or provide professional services.

Network and collaborate with other Churches.

Employ the homeless person or inform them of job opportunities.

Solicit for 24 hour availability of public restrooms.

Stop the criminalization of the homeless.