Project i Exist . i Dream .

What is “i EXIST . i DREAM .”?

An increasing number of people in communities across the nation are becoming displaced from the social middle-lower class into a class of survival, becoming homeless and forced to live on the streets for lack of access to resources. Large populations of homeless and impoverished members of society live within and on the outskirts of the communities we inhabit yet the presence of these citizens somehow are concealed by transparency; we see mirages of nomadic figures crossing a busy intersection in the daylight and long weary shadows cast by flickering street lamps at dusk, but they all fade into the darkness of night robbed of moonlight, alone and neglected.

Still, these citizens exist.  They are our friends, our family, and they are all part of the full circle that constitutes humanity.

Project “i EXIST  .  i DREAM’  is designed to give these citizens an amplified voice using state-of-the-art technology so that when they raise their voices to tell us their stories, we listen, and are reminded that these citizens exist.

When we hear these voices, we will know of their lives (which we will find are very much like our own just cut with deeper valleys), and discover how precisely we as a collective citizenship can help the bleeding members of our society survive, acknowledge their existence, and lift them up with our own hands out of the darkest depths of despair.

Within that inter-view, we want to discover the hopes and dreams of each citizen, in order to facilitate the means and build a bridge for the citizen to cross to achieve their dreams.

How Shall We Proceed?

Implementing this project involves three distinct steps.

(1) We approach citizens, explain the scope of the project and how it can provide not only a personal benefit but also how participation can have far-reaching positive effects.

(2) We turn to the latest technology in videography to record the stories of each citizen in their home-scape, their own words, sentiments, how they want to tell it, including goals/aspirations, and what help is needed to achieve them.

(3) These video clips are then compiled and presented on our website as individual profiles each with as much biographical detail as the citizen is willing to share along with primary functions for the general public to direct donations to specific individuals to support the realization of their dreams, and the ability to keep chronology of how each citizen evolves as a result of the support they receive.